Welcome to Celebration of Mind!

Celebration of Mind uses puzzles, games, and magic to delight, instruct, and bring people together in a spirit of fun.

Begun in 2010 with worldwide events that presented challenging activities and thought-provoking presentations in honor of the late Martin Gardner, Celebration of Mind now offers a growing repository of resources, tantalizing paths and surprising intersections for anybody who's ever wondered, What happens if I do this? .... And then, Why did it do that?

Large and small, formal and informal, past Celebrations on all seven continents have ranged from puzzles on the patio to sleight of hand at the Magic Castle, recreational math in the classroom, and interesting conversations in retirement homes.

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We uploaded new videos to celebrate Martin's birthday!

A still of Harmonic Pendulum. Click on Videos for a gallery!

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Read about Scott Kim, The MegaMenger Project, Martin's long affair with the square, and other things to come.

Mega Menger Cards
Menger Sponge unit, made from paper cards.

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These seasonal guest columns will cover Martin's perennial subjects — math, art, puzzles, magic, skepticism, science, philosophy, and perhaps Dr Matrix will drop by! Each column will pose a problem to solve, or suggest something to make.