Celebration of Mind Video Collection

These are curated videos from G4G, CoM Events, and other videos for use at CoM events.

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Celebration of Mind 2014 (promo)

Honoring the centennial of Martin Gardner's birth, the 2014 Celebration of Mind invites you to take part in a Celebration of Mind near you. Continuing through the rest of 2014, Celebrations of Mind are a place to explore, create, and make new discoveries about math, magic, music, puzzles, and unexpected connections.

Celebration of Mind: Magic. Puzzles. Surprises. (short)

Conference Thinking Games

Yossi Elran says: This is video from our recent National Recreational Math, Puzzles and Games conferences - where a bunch of us posed some teaser riddles for the upcoming CoM.

Conference Thinking Games (30 minutes)

Celebrate Pi Day!

In honor of 3/14/15, John Sims and Vi Hart recite the first 170 digits of pi! It's all part of 31415: The Pi Collection.

Launched in 1988 by Larry Shaw of the Exploratorium, Pi Day has become an international event celebrating math and encouraging the study of pi.

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Celebrate Pi Day! (Pi minutes)

At G4G: The Level 2 Menger Sponge with Playing Cards by Jim Wilder

Jim Wilder, a teacher in the St. Clair School District (Alabama), shows his fourth-grade class's work on a Menger Sponge project. The students calculated the number of cards required to build a Level Two sponge from playing cards, and solved many problems in the building process.

The Level 2 Menger Sponge Classroom Project (6½ minutes)

At G4G: Making a Binary Computer with 10,000 Dominoes by Matt Parker

Computer science like you've never seen it before: Matt Parker and his team of Domino Computer Builders set up falling dominoes in increasingly complex circuits, culminating in a 10,000-domino "computer." As happens elsewhere in circuit design, things don't always go according to plan.

Making a Binary Computer with 10,000 Dominoes by Matt Parker (8½ minutes)

Scott Kim - About Martin Gardner

Scott Kim tells how he became involved with Martin and G4G.

Scott Kim - About Martin Gardner (4 minutes)

Martin Gardner: In His Own Words

In 1994, the Joint Policy Board for Mathematics (AMS, MAA, SIAM) presented Martin Gardner with the Communications Award at Gardner's home. The video was filed away and forgotten until recently discovered. It had to be converted from an ancient format before viewing.

Martin Gardner: In His Own Words — A video from 1994 gets a new audience! (14 minutes)

Martin Gardner on 'The Nature of Things'

Martin Gardner on 'The Nature of Things', by David Suzuki. As a commentor says, this program was seriously mis-titled... Martin should have been in the title. (Title used by Nature: John Conway on Games and Puzzles.)

Martin Gardner on 'The Nature of Things' (46 minutes)

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